Insomniac: Beyond Wonderland App Reviews

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This app is awesome and so helpful, but there should be a way to find friends and share your schedule with them so that it’s easier to coordinate.

Doesn’t work

I have downloaded this app about 5 times and still can’t get the set yikes to load. Very frustrating especially considering how much money I paid for this event and they can’t even bother to have an app that works

EDC 18 lineup not showing

Not sure if it’s just the IOS but 18 edc line up. Up has always been great for every other event love the map and how I can stack my artist

Edc app not working??

My friends seem to be accessing okay but myself and a few others are struggling to get any data on the edc 2018 app?

Edc app won’t update for iPhones.

Have updated, restarted, deleted, and redownloaded several times to try to see set times to no avail. Please fix this bug.

App doesn’t work

No information available

New update doesn’t show set times

App works fine on android. Please fix fast!

There’s nothing on the app

No information or anything !


App did works for hours

Not working with iPhone

Can’t see any of the line up or set times on my iPhone.


i can’t see any of the artists. i deleted it & redownloaded it but it still won’t show me anything.

Current release not working

Set times are not available, despite insistence that everything is working fine on social media. Everyone else I’ve talked to with iPhones is in the same situation, so it’s clearly an issue that they’re refusing to actually fix.

Lineup/schedule problem

The line up and schedule is not loading on iPhone 7s Plus... please fix.


Only less than 2weeks to go, can’t wait for the EDC updates :)

Update for edc please

We’re anxiously waiting


Can you update it for edc

Beautiful app!!!

Well put together and easy to navigate. The only thing I’d like to suggest is making it an active app, to show busy times for entrance and maybe send notice if there are any traffic areas surrounding the venue🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏽

Line up organization

Once the line ups for each festival are released (usually released the week of the event) this app is fab for making your own little itinerary and sure sets are going to overlap but just to have a basic itinerary here in the app that you can refer to plus access the map is really helpful and a cool experience

Insomniac app

Great app. I love how you make your own schedule. And the most that I love about the app is that it keeps reminding you to drink water. :))


Great app. I love carnage -brian

The app icon won't pop up

The app icon won't open show up on my home screen. But it's openable in my App Store like I've already downloaded it. Pls help!

Crashes. Can't open

Can't even open it. :-(


This app is perfect for planning your weekend . Has a lot of information other than set times too. I've been using this app for a couple years and being able to see who your friends are going to see is a great perk !

So helpful

Love the schedule feature it top right that shows everything at once on all stages


I normally really like insomniac apps. I like to plan my event however this particular app has crashed 5 times in 10 minutes since I started using it.

Sharing option doesn't work

Where's the option to add friends or view your friends? I'm already connected to Facebook but can't view any of my friends schedules or share my schedule. The Sha to ng option is on but it doesn'tdo anything! This is pretty frustrating.

Only 5 friends on Share Schedule List??!

Not only can you only see a random group of 5 people when connected to share your schedule wth friends, you can't choose who these 5 are, nor can you delete and pick and choose again. Come on Insomniac. You have some much space but no way see more than 5 people's list? Get it together.

Meeting spot

Don't have a meeting spot at the big Daisy. Unless your cool with meeting up with hundreds of other groups!



Still no update

Mine still hasn't updated from Middlelands. Impatiently waiting

Missing art cars

Android isn't missing art cars. This is BS


3 days out and nothing?


We have schedules to plan! Love you insomniac, but please update for EDC! PLUR


Where's the EDC 2017 Update??? It's literally this week!😡


It's literally a few days away and no EDC update!! Update it PLEASE !!!!

Still... no... update...

Less than a week til EDC and no app. Highly inconsiderate of your "headliners"

Hurry up! The suspense is killing me!!!

Hurry with the edc update!!! I'm just so excited!!! 😭😭😭


Plz update for EDCLV17 already ! 😩

Edc update?

Can we get the edc update already plz!?!?!?! We are about a week away with no update! 🙏 hope it comes out soon!! 🙏


Can we get the EDC LAS VEGAS update!!!! T-8DAYS! See you all under the electric sky ❤️

Hurry up with the EDC update! Making meLose my patience! I need to plan who I need see


Waiting on edc app... o.o

T-Minus 16 days till edc vegas? I hope the update will hit around 2 weeks prior 🙏🏽


Notifications don't work


I agree with @jdmkyler. illest trillest and drippin in sauce 💦

Well made

Good app, easy to use and has all the info anyone would need. Thank you!


middlelands is gonna be the dopest flyest OG litty festy ever

Accurate 👌

Has all the times, alerts are on time, good map view, very good app.


Where's the countdown app? Waiting!

Things to improve (please)

I really like the fact that I can actually see where certain sets overlap in my schedule but the problem is all the vertical screen space not being utilized. So I recommend having the time on the vertical axis and the stages/sets on the horizontal axis so that all the screen is used(as opposed to half the screen)

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